Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fall trends

Fall Make-up Trends!!

Ombre Lips:

     It seems that one of the hottest trend of the fall is ombre lips. Ombre lips gives the look of fuller more glamorous lips. to get this look, one must apply a darker lip liner around the edges of the lips, leaing only the center with the color of the lipsstick.

Dark Lips:

     It seems like dark is the way to go when it comes to lips this fall. By applying a light make-up to the entire face and then finishing off with a dark lipstick, to make the face pop. colors like Burgundy, Dark browns, and puples are in high demand fro the fall.

Smokey Eyes:

   Smokey eyes are an on-going trend, but for fall is a most. Please take in note that smokey eyes isn't exactly just applying eye, shadow, more of a combination of darker browns and black. since you are giving you eyes a such dramatic look, you can just finished it off with a nude or pinkish lipstick.

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