Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Key Make-Up Items!!

You don't have to own a closet full of make-up, with a few make-up items you are good to go!! Here is a list of items:

Foundation: Is the number one make-up item every girl should own. When deciding to buy a foundation, one must decide what type of coverage you want. some foundations offered full coverage, others a more light coverage. for hot summer days i recommend a light foundation because it wont clog your pores, and give you a more natural look. for Colder weather is better to use a full coverage foundation as it would give a more clean finish-toned to your skin. Another recommendation when choosing you foundation is to find a color that matches your skin-tone as you don't want your face to look uneven with your body.

Eye-shadow: The second most important item in the list is eye-shadow. when it comes to choosing an eye-shadow palette remember that neutral colors work for every eye color. 

Blush: I can say i would died without blush!! Blush really marks the difference in any face. it highlights the chick-bones giving the face some color. when choosing a Blush color remember that your blushed should look as natural as possible.

Lipstick: The right lip color can make a dramatic difference. choosing a lip color always depends on weather light or dark lips can finish up the complete look. always remember nude lips are always in style.

Brush set: In order to neatly apply, the items mention above you need the right set of brushes. They're brushes specifically design to apply each of these items. the right set of brushes gives the face the polish finish.

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